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In addition to flowing well and reading clearly without grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, many writing projects require some collaboration with internal, and sometimes external, stakeholders to be worthy of an organisation’s ownership. I undertake this team approach in delivering the following services:

  • Researching and writing: reports (including annual reports), brochures, proposals, grant applications and website content
  • Copyediting and proofreading: grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Structural editing: full text.

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The process of writing a lengthy manuscript, be it fiction or nonfiction, is a major undertaking that often requires considerable emotional investment and time. With so many dynamics involved in writing a compelling work, it’s not uncommon for a writer to reach a point where they need some experienced and objective guidance.

The genres I can be most helpful with are contemporary women’s fiction and memoir. In assessing your manuscript, I’ll analyse your overall structure, content and style with particular focus on:

  • Plot development – including the creation of subplots, turning points and tension
  • Character development – creating multidimensional characters with individual motivation, physicality and voice
  • Story techniques – including the creation and use of the psychology of place (setting), dialogue, flashbacks, balanced back story and overall voice
  • Use of research
  • Overall structure and project management.